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Spending all of their money before Christmas


Some of the girls here at Beckenham escorts spend all of their money before Christmas on all sorts of junk but I never do that. Okay, it is fun to do some Christmas shopping. The problem is that everything you buy before Christmas is at least twice as expensive as after Christmas. I always save all of my money and try to do shopping after Christmas instead. In my book, there is nothing like the January sales.


Normally I buy things like clothes but this year I am on a mission. After having invested a lot of my earnings from Beckenham escorts from in a flat, I have decided to make the most out of the sales this year and decorate it nicely. Some of the tip stores in London have got some brilliant sales offers every year. I have never really checked them out before but this year things are different. It is time to get decorating.


When I have break a break in between my dates at Beckenham escorts, I have sat down and gone through some of the nice magazines. The stuff is super expensive but does not need to be so in the sales. I have made a list of all of the things that I need for my apartment and even created some boards that give me an idea of what it will look like. As a matter of fact, I feel kind of like a professional. It has been an experience that I have enjoyed it.


I plan to hit some of the top stores in London. The best stores are normally out of my reach but I have noticed that they also have the best sales. I am working some extra hours at Beckenham escorts so that I spend even more money in the sales. The first thing that I am going to do is to make my bedroom ultra luxurious with all of the best Egyptian cotton bedding. On top of that I would like to get a small chandler for my living room. I love chandlers and I think that they look super sexy when they are lit.


My living room needs doing as well. It is not a very large living room so I plant to use special materials to make it look good. I love Chinese themes and some of the best department stores in London do have really nice Chinese theme fabrics. The only problem is that they are around £100 a meter and normally my earnings at Beckenham escorts would not stretch to that. But during January, the prices really drop and I am planning to make the most of it. I am sure that I can pick up some really great bargains. It will be so nice to have the apartment decorated nicely. Yes, I could op down to IKEA but I don’t really want to do. Why not buy the best when you can afford to do so? I am sure that most girls out there would agree with me on that one.

Do escorts like pizza?


Recently we have received several questions about escorts eating habits. One gent recently wrote in and asked if escorts like pizza. Well, we decided to ask fun loving  Heathrow escorts if they like pizza. They certainly do, but they would not expect it on a dinner date. Most of the girls were happy to tell us what kind of pizza they like and why they like it. Pizza can actually a rather healthy food as long as you don’t put too much junk on the pizza itself.


Sara from elite Heathrow escorts from says that she loves a pizza called Tropicana from the local take away service. It has pineapple, cheese and ham on it says but the chef at the take away likes his pizzas spicy so he always adds a bit of garlic and perhaps even some cherry tomatoes. Sara says it is lazy Friday food and she often treats herself to one on a Friday night. She always orders a salad with it so she is very healthy at the same time as being a bit naughty.


Nikki from Delights Heathrow escorts likes spicy pizzas. Her favorite pizza is called Rustica and it has artichokes and chorizo sausages on it and she just loves to tuck into one together one a night out with her girlfriend. At the agency we have a night out every so often and we end up in this really nice pizzeria. They have some really great pizza and we always order a couple of pizzas and share them, she says. It is interesting how so people have such different tastes in pizza. Nikki says it is one of her favorite foods and she likes to have a nice glass of wine with her pizza.


Pepita works from Heathrow escorts as well, and she is partly Italian. She says that she likes a lot of different pizzas but they must all have plenty of garlic on them. Spicy is not so important but garlic is vital, she says. She is also in favor of any pizza that is topped off with cherry tomatoes. Pepita says that they never really cook through and they make this delightful pooping sound when you bite down on them. Pizza is a regular meal in Italy and she loves to eat it her in the UK as well.


Now, I hope that most gents appreciate that Heathrow escorts like pizza and don’t mind going on a pizza date with you. There are several really nice Italian and pizza places in the local area. Not only do they serve up delicious pizzas, but they also serve up delicacies such as Spaghetti Carbonara and pasta in all shapes and sizes. As many good Italian establishments, they also offer home made Italian ice cream and some of them make their own Tiramisu as well. Nothing like a bit of Italian cooking after a long hard day at work for many of our busy girls at Heathrow!

It all started a couple of years ago when I was still working in my local Tesco store.


I was getting rather fed up with my low paid job which I had since I was 15 years old, and wanted to do something. As luck would have it, I was not one of those girls who wasted my money. I did pay some money to my mom for rent and keep, but I did save a lot as well. But I was still not happy, and wanted to make more out of my life.

A few of the gents who had bumped into my at the store thought that I was really pretty and wondered what I was doing in the store. One day, a girl said to me that I was pretty well. We started to chat, and it turned out that she ran Mayfair escorts. I was a bit taken back as it was the first time I had come across an escort service in this part of London. Yes I know, it is a little bit naïve to believe that we would not have Mayfair escorts.

A couple of days later, we spoke again, and she invited me to join Mayfair escorts from I told her that I was not really a sex goddess but she said it was not what she was looking for at all. Apparently girls who thought they were better than other did not do so well working for Mayfair escorts and that is why she wanted me. I was really surprised but I did say that I could perhaps do at least one evening a week. She seemed to be happy with that.

One of the things that I did not want to give up, was my little job in Tesco. It was going to give me a pension scheme, and it had a lot of perks. At the time, I was getting on really well at the store, and no matter what you say, I did like a lot of the customers. I decided to think of working for Mayfair escorts as a strictly part time job, but at the same time, make the most out of this new earning opportunity which had come to me out of the blue.

It did not take me very long to settle in to my new role with Mayfair escorts. I spent two evening working for the escort agency in Mayfair. Even though my boss was pushing me to do more, I said that I did not want to. Yes, it was fun working for Mayfair escorts, but at the same time, I did not want lose my job with Tesco. The funny thing was a few of the gents who used the escort service in Mayfair, recognized me in Tesco. It was a bit of fun, and I have to admit that seemed to come shopping to the store rather often. My manager noticed that I seemed to be flirting with some of the gents, and I just thought to myself if she only knew.

What makes a man attracted to a woman?



I am one of those men who have never been married, and at the age of 58 years old, I doubt very much if I am ever going to get married. Most of my life, I have worked very hard, and it is has been the main focus of my life. Now I am beginning to regret that, and often wonder if there is still a change for me to meet someone special. Is there a girl out there for me?

I am not the only one in my social group in the same boat. A couple of the guys I know use Battersea escorts services of just to have some female company. I have checked out the site, but I am not sure that dating Battersea escorts is for me at all. The girls are very attractive, but when I look at them, I think that they are far too young for me. Yes, it would be nice to meet a nice girl, but I am not sure about escort services at all.

To most Battersea escorts, I would probably be an attractive proposition. I have done well in my life, and I have plenty of money in the bank. However, I have come to realise that money in the bank is not everything in life, and it would be so much nicer to have some company instead. What worries me more than anything, is not to have some to come home to when I am retired. As a matter of fact, I am not sure what I would do with myself. The only hobby I have, is really being of a Thames rowing club.

I loved someone very much once, but I lost her as I would not make a commitment. At the time, I was totally wrapped up in my career, and I did not see how foolish I was being. If I had stopped and thought about it for a moment, I would have been happily married now. Most of the other guys that I know, the ones who are dating Battersea escorts now, have been in the same situation. They have loved and lost, and know what it is like to be hurt in love.

Well, I was the one doing the hurting really, and when the relationship ended, I soon became a but of a recluse. I buried myself in work, and she left the country. A couple of years later I found out that she had got married, and had a daughter. Over the years, we have made contact again, and I am now the god father of her daughter. This young lady has become the love of my life, and I am closer to her than her own father. Perhaps she is the main reason why I am keeping myself to myself, and not dating Battersea escorts. When she comes to see me, she simply lights up my life, and we do so many things that fathers and daughters do. Maybe I am a better father than a partner and a husband.

Basildon escorts can provide a troubled man with love and peace that everyone wants.

Basildon escorts are still going to be there for people who need them. They are kind people who will always make a person feel better. Whenever a man does find himself in trouble, Basildon escorts will still provide him with a peaceful and loving environment which is always very nice. Basildon escorts from can easily make people happy because they are always good at what they are doing. It may not be much sometimes but a person still needs to have someone who he can rely on. No matter what may come if he does have all the love he can have, he will still be okay because relationships can be built a strong man out of nothing that’s how a girl can factor in a man’s life.
It’s easier when a man lives a life with no fear of love. It might not feel good always to love someone all the time, but it’s still worth it. When a person loves a girl that is clearly with it, then his time will always be efficient. Keeping a man’s life full of love can always be a good thing. Even though love does require a lot of time and effort sometimes but it’s clearly worth it no matter what. Even when the person around him may disappoint him all the time, if he truly loves them then there is no problem at all. Love can be a beautiful thing especially if people will give the love back to the person he gave it to. It can be a good back and forth relationship which everyone can clearly benefit. There’s always a way to be totally satisfied in life and loving the people around us is clearly the way to do. It’s not nice to live life with no person to call a friend.
It might be very convenient when a man does not have any responsibilities but time will always come when he will need someone to love and take care for when that happens in maybe too late which is very unfortunate. There’s still going to be rough times but as long has love to give he will still be alright especially when he has someone to love like a girlfriend. A girl will always make a man feel happy especially if he is always there when she needs him. Giving back might seem not the way of happiness but relationships are built on a lot of giving and take. Whenever a man gives something to the woman, he loves it can always give him a lot of pleasure. But a man can also book Basildon escorts if he does not have anyone to love.